Just Pull The Trigger

Updated: May 17

Background Story:

This poem was written when I was having so many unanswered questions, doubts, fear, and anger built inside of me. The only way I knew it could be released is with my life gone. I strictly just wanted answers to questions it seemed no one had the answers too. The pain was from finding out the person I thought I was, was now lost. My love wasn't being reciprocated, my pain wasn't been acknowledged, my questions weren't being answered, and on top of it, my whole life became a question mark. My body had a cold chill running through It and I remember just tears falling like raindrops in my lap. I just remember a breath of life came upon me. I don't mean a breath of life you see in a movie but a breath of life that changed my perspective to accept the changes that were going on. A breath of life to go put the gun at my head again to film me reciting this poem. I may never know who, but me going to record this poem helped someone, and I feel like my life that day was saved to put life back into someone else as well.